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Still, many people don’t know the benefits of Mayana plant to health. Because of the antioxidants and essential oils, this plant offers various health benefits. The color of this plant stimulates everyone to use as a decorative flower. It is also treated as important medicinal herbs that can reduce different kinds of problems like ulcers and severe other problems like hemorrhoids and diabetes.

The habitat of this plant is mostly on the riverbank or in the rice fields. Scutellarioides or Coleus atropurpureus is the scientific name of this plant, and it belongs to Labiatae family. It usually grows well on the plateaus around 1500 meters over the sea level. It has beautiful heart shaped leaves with lovely curves at the borders.

The leaves of this plant are dazzling colors and have different colors based on their variety. The stalk of Mayana flower extends beyond from the tip of the trunk. The stems of the plants are easily broken, and the slobber can reach up to 30-150 cm. The creeping stems of the plant contain a square-shaped container.

It is also packed with essential nutrients. The chemical contents of the plant are pectic, tannin, calcium oxalate and phytosterols. It is also loaded with essential oils like eugenol which has anti-pain elements, karvakral which is an anti-biotic and ethyl salicylate which has an anti-irritant. It also includes mucus and fat.

It is rich in nutrients and offers different health benefits. It supports to decrease fever heat and helps to heal, alleviate the symptoms of cough and provides several advantages.