Drink and drive is an offence which is severely monitored and punished around the world. It is sometimes difficult to identify a drunkard person or to prove if he is intoxicated or not. Breathalyzer is an excellent device which helps to analyze your breath and calculate the alcohol content in it. Thus there is a recent surge in the purchase of this device. Click here on the link below to know about the various types and models of breathalyzer talks about the salient features of a breathalyzer.
The article throws light on the various components included in a breathalyzer. It also discusses the working of the device.

The Working
The alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the stomach. The blood with the alcohol enters the lungs, and some evaporate and show up when you exhale. The sensor inside the breathalyzer is responsible for interpreting the alcohol level of the breath. If the alcohol limit indicates .08 BAC or above, then the person is legally intoxicated.

Types Of Sensors Used
Breathalyzer comes with two types of sensors namely fuel cell sensors and semiconductor sensors. You can make a choice of the sensor type based on the need. Fuel cell sensors are used to interpret higher alcohol levels in the blood. Fuel cell breathalyzer is costly ranging from $250 to $1500 dollars. Expensive models of breathalyzers are owned by police at the station.
A semiconductor sensor is economical and costs between the ranges $55 to $250. The cost of the breathalyzer helps to determine the quality of the device.

Mouthpiece Vs Blow Over
A breathalyzer requires a breath sample for testing the alcohol level. There are two types of components used to collect the breath sample. They are mouthpiece and blow over. A mouth piece is an accurate component. It ensures that the breath sample is not contaminated with air, smoke etc. some of the brands which offer a breathalyzer with a mouth piece are AlcoMate AccuCell, AlcoMate Premium, Alcomate Prestige, and Omega Point Breathkey. The testing done through a mouthpiece is also called as active testing.
The blow-over or passive testing is done by placing the mouth of the subject about half inch from the breath intake receiver. This can interpret less accurate results as the sample air gets mixed up with the surrounding environment. This type of breathalyzer is used by parents who wish to check if their teens have been drinking or not. It is also useful to use a breathalyzer for social gatherings and parties when group of people are tested.

The price of the breathalyzer directly depends on the quality of the device. Do no purchase cheap device as it may not offer you accurate results. The device can cost between $55 and $300. Costly breathalyzers are better products in terms of accuracy and features.

The device should be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department Of transportation, National Highway Traffic safety Administrations and US coast Guard.

The above are the various features and components of a breathalyzer. The article helps you to buy a suitable breathalyzer based on your need.