Hair loss is a nightmare for women in all age groups. As per medical surveys, women lose a minimum of 150 hairs per day. Since hair loss is a scary thing for women, they try to search for other ways to get the hair loss treated such as changing their hair oil or even having medical supplements which can stop or at least minimize the hair loss.

Minoxidil or otherwise called as Rogaine helps in re-growing of the hair on one’s scalp. Rogaine for women reviews is helping a lot of people to trust the product as the reviews are added by the people who have already used it and experienced the change. As per Webmd.com, if you want to have healthy hair then you need to have food that is full of nutrients which are required by the hair.

Medical Federation has approved Minoxidil as the treatment for female baldness. However, those who are planning to take the treatment should know about the side effects of this drug as well. Unfortunately, a lot of time is needed for hair to re-grow. That is why most people go to hair treatments unaware of the drawbacks the medicines and treatments have.

Dermatologists say that Minoxidil can only work on that scalp where the hair loss had happened because of female baldness. Any other condition other than female baldness will not get recovered if you use Minoxidil. The normal time taken by a hair to grow fully is at least six years. After that, the hair falls out and then gets replaced by new hairs. Before going for any hair loss treatment, you will have to find the reason for your hair fall. Sometimes the reason could be aging or a change in the hormone level, etc.

Minoxidil encourages new hair growth, and dermatologist suggests starting the use of Minoxidil once you start noticing hair fall. There are a few drawbacks in taking Minoxidil for hair treatment. The main drawback is Minoxidil is an expensive medicine, and because of that, most people cannot afford the price.

You might have to use Minoxidil at least two times in a day for a better result. Another major drawback of Minoxidil is that it causes unwanted hair growth. This one could be a dangerous drawback as well. So before you take Minoxidil as a hair loss treatment, you will have to confirm with your dermatologist about the dosage you need to take for the hair fall treatment.

When you start using Minoxidil, you will see an increase in the hair fall for the first few days. This is because old hairs are getting removed by new ones. Of course, one cannot expect an entire change overnight. You might take a couple of months to see the result of using Minoxidil. Too much usage of Minoxidil can cause irritations and redness too. However, if you take the right amount of Minoxidil and use it according to the instructions given by the dermatologist, Minoxidil can prove to be a safe way of hair treatment.