aging (1)HIV is one of the most dangerous and fatal STD which has no cure as such till date. HIV and AIDS have a slight difference. HIV is a virus that infects the body and imbalances and effects out immune system. If the HIV is untreated, it attacks the cells of our immune system which stops our body fighting from illness, leading to death. A person detected with HIV in the early stages can keep the virus under check by lifelong treatment and stop spreading it to others. Get yourself tested for HIV at an STD clinic Pittsburgh, to rule out the virus or get immediate treatment if diagnosed. For health related information, check out the site

The primary reason for contracting HIV can be sex with an infected person. But other reasons like a blood transfusion or drug intake using the same syringe of an infected person comes into play. In some rare cases, tattoo piercing can also prove dangerous if the materials are not sterilized properly. If the mother carries the virus, it can be transmitted to the child through pregnancy or breastfeeding. Workers working in HIV healthcare centers can also be infected if proper care is not taken.

The symptoms of HIV can be segregated into three stages. In the first stage, people suffer mild symptoms like flu, which can be mistaken as the normal flu. In the next stage, there would not be any symptoms for ten years. The third stage the body’s immune system is totally affected. It stops fighting against infection and diseases.


The best way to prevent infection is protecting yourself by using condoms during sex. If the mother is a carrier of the HIV, take proper treatment during pregnancy and breast feeding, to prevent passing the virus to your child. Blood transfusion of any kind should be tested before proceeding. Using syringe through any medium, for drug intake, dentist or a tattoo, make sure you use a new syringe or a sterile one.

Earlier diagnosis of HIV is very important, to maintain long term health and spreading the virus to others.