shakespeares-globe_london-attraction-guideLondon is the one of the important city to visit in this world. It’s a blend of classic and modern city- Home to kingpins and Queen. You have so many things to see through your naked eyes. Here are some tips and tricks to follow on your London visit which makes your journey simple and fun. Are you ready for the western countries tour? Then the holiday offer packages offered by Your City Experience will be the right option for your vacation plan.

Every western country is unique in its own way. For example, Spain is famous for several annual events such as Ultra Music Festival, Food Festival. The articles on events by list out the several other events conducted in Spain.

Britain is famous for some multi-cuisine restaurant. Traditional English breakfast is packed with two eggs, bread toast, baked beans and tomatoes along with English breakfast tea. If anyone consumed this full English breakfast, he or she wouldn’t get any hunger before afternoon. Most of this restaurant offer dine and take away. Apart from breakfast, lunch, dinner new trends like brunch can also be there in London restaurant.

Free Walking Tour is the best thing you can do in London streets. For example sandeman’s Europe tour is the world famous for travelers. There is a lot of communities to organize this kind of tour. By this tour, you can visit most hot places like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and The House of Parliament.

Apart from the Red Double Decker bus tours are the excellent choice to tour the entire London without putting any additional burden. All you need is just sit back, relax and watch. It is also called as “Hop on Hop off bus.” It is the best way to explore the major attractions in London very close.

Oyster card is the cost-effective travel option to travel in London. Oyster card service can be used in bus, Trams, Tube, DLR, Air Line, London Over ground, and River Bus service. You can use this card in Thames river boat service.

You must look for the cheapest way to tour the city. Rather than staying in a hotel, you can rent a house or apartment at an affordable price for a week. With the internet, you can find plenty of housing options. If you are planning a long vacation in with little kids, then choosing a single house for your entire vacation time is the good option.

You don’t bring heavy luggage during the trip. Just limit single luggage bag for everyone. You will visit several places and meet new people every day, so they don’t know whether you wear the same clothes or new clothes every day. From the first day of your visit, you can start exploring the country.

Allow each person in your family to choose the places to visit on each day. Whether your father or mother or your son, let them share their ideas and this makes them more interesting towards the trip. Everyone shares the planning work rather than falling on a single person shoulder. There are many places to visit in London and most of them are within 1-2 hours travel from each other.