Is ankle weight training recommended for all? The answer can be best determined by the type of weight used. The ankle weight exercises have to be done with extreme care and caution.It is one of the best exercises used to strengthen lower limbs. Ankle weights for training can promote versatility in your fitness routine. how to make the most of the exercise without straining the body by using the right weights. Learn about the injuries that can be caused by adding weight to the ankle and how to overcome it by using the appropriate weight.

The pros and cons of ankle weight exercise
· Ankle weight can reduce your running performance by cutting down on the speed and length. A good racer needs to speed like a breeze, and this can be hindered with ankle weight exercise.
· Athletes performing jumping exercise find it hard to jump higher as it pulls them down. To jump higher, the athlete has to use leg presses for better output.
· While using ankle weight do not overdo as it could lead to overexertion. Remember the body needs a break from the strain.
· Weights can be added to promote certain muscle groups. The quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes can benefit the most by using regular weights.
· If you are suffering from joint damage, forget about ankle weight exercise. Despite helping in building muscles, the exercise can cause unnecessary strain to the body when used in distress.
· If you want to strengthen your leg muscles, there are a host of other exercises available. Ankle exercise is not advised if you are looking to strengthen your leg muscle. Try hill climbing or weight training.
· Ankle weight promotes forward flexion as it is beneficial while walking or running. During the exercise be careful as it is not just intense but repetitive. If the weights are not used properly the ligaments around the knee can be at a risk of being injured.
· The ankle exercise can support other forms of fitness regime like pull-ups, leg raises, and leg lifts are some of the exercises that can promote versatility. Moreover, different weights can be added to the machines to enhance the workout.
· Adding weights to your walking can change the rhythm of your steps. You can feel the pain when used wrongly. The pain in the hips and legs can be felt as well as in the ankle, in this case, it is advised to consult a physician and then start with lower weights slowly.
· When it comes to water exercise, ankle weight is the best option. In can be used regimes like swimming, water aerobics, etc. where it promotes resistance and strengthens the muscles in the leg. The ankle weight exercise is less risky when it comes to underwater exercise.

The success of the ankle weight exercise depends on using the right weight and movements for the right kind of sport. The exercise may not be suitable for all kinds of sports or fitness regime, hence choose carefully based on the type of muscle to be toned.