What Are The Things Not To Do After A Car Accident

Car Accident

Car accidents are very hard for everyone involved. Nobody wants or expects to meet with a crash when it does happen not everyone is aware of what to do next. It is essential not to do certain things after an accident which could ruin your chances of getting a fair and just compensation for the damages done to the car and for the injuries you and\or the other passengers in your vehicle suffered. For minor injuries, you will make a settlement with your insurance company, but for more severe injuries you might want to file a lawsuit with the help of an Illinois law firm or any other law firm in other states.
Lawyers at www.lawyers.findlaw.com state that most accidents are due to the negligence of the other driver, though some drivers are aware, safe and cautious. So, despite being a safe driver, you might get involved in a car crash. It is thus essential for every driver to know what not to do when involved in a car accident.

Do not admit any mistake:
An essential aspect is not to accept any error to anyone when you are involved in a car crash. When speaking to insurance personnel or police merely state what happened without making any statements for or against the other driver or yourself. Sympathetic and apologetic comments though you are not at fault, can get complicated as you may be blamed for the crash you did not cause. Saying sorry may be taken as an admission of a mistake you did not commit, so be safe.

Do not get medical attention:
You may feel that the injury you sustained in the accident is minor, but may turn out to be dangerous internal injuries. So, it is essential to consult a doctor and seek treatment as soon as-as possible to avoid flare-ups later.

Do not filing papers:
The timely filing of paperwork after an accident is essential when filing an insurance claim. There are insurance company mandates which specify that the claims be made within a specified period after a crash.

Do not trust insurance companies to provide the best settlement
You might think that the insurance companies are out there to help you and will give the best settlement amount. The agents of these companies also have targets to achieve and hence will look to pay as less as they can so that they save money for their business. If you are involved in serious injuries, and the company is providing very little money that does not cover your medical needs, do not accept or sign any papers which might go against you when you file a claim.

Car accidents can get messy, and you might forget many important things about the crash. Do not rely on memory and make a note of anything as much as possible. Voice or video record information as far as possible. Take pictures of the accident scene, damage to the car, insurance details of the other driver. All these can turn out to be valuable information which can help with the investigation.

10 Medical Reasons That Will Change The Way You Look At Cannabis


In the early 18th century marijuana was popularly used for recreational purposes. Gradually, this schedule I drug was made medicine-friendly by artificially synthesizing the active ingredient THC. This was followed by the FDA approving the ingredient for use in the field of medicine. There has been an increase in the use of medical marijuana in Canada and several doctors recommend the drug for treating disorders. www.medicaldaily.com/ lists weird medicines that have to trend in the social media and the medical world and marijuana is one of them.

Here are some of the benefits of marijuana that your doctor probably never told you about.

Heals The Brain After Trauma
Patients who have had a concussion or are recovering from trauma are advised marijuana. The reason? Experiments were conducted on lab mice, and it showed positive results.

Keeps The Gut Healthy
Studies have shown that people with complaints of bowel diseases benefit hugely from the use of cannabis. This is due to the presence of active ingredients like cannabidiol that is responsible for keeping the gut healthy. They play a major role in lowering the permeability of the intestines that results in a healthy environment.

Treats PTSD
In few states of the US, the government has given the nod and approved the use of marijuana for treating PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. The obvious reason is that cannabinoids keeps the system under control and alleviates the feeling of fear and anxiety.

Treatment Of Lupus
This rare condition is characterized by the body attacking itself. Certain chemicals present in marijuana help calm the body and boosts the immune system.

Treats Eating Disorders
Common eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia cause poor self-esteem. Studies have proved that cannabinoids have treated anorexia efficiently and help reduce the feeling of nausea that accompanied this condition. It has been reported that cannabis is useful for treating symptoms of:
· Crohn’s disease
· Obesity
· Diabetes

Pain Management
In several spine clinics, doctors prescribed this psychoactive drug to help patients deal with pain. It has also been recommended for the treatment of chronic pain and neuropathic pain.

Mental Health
Contrary to popular reports, marijuana does not have any debilitating effect on the human body and mind. Cannabis can be used for treating:
· Alcoholism
· Schizophrenia, depression
· Phobias and
· Opiate withdrawal symptoms

Treatment Of Hepatitis C
Patients who undergo treatment for hepatitis complain of side effects like muscle pain, nausea, tiredness, and depression. It was seen that a majority of the patients who smoked marijuana successfully completed their therapies.

Dravet Syndrome
Recurring seizures characterize this medical condition. There has been an incident where a five-year-old girl who was being treated for Dravet Syndrome responded when she was administered cannabis that helped control the convulsions.

It was due to the presence of cannabidiol substance that calmed the hyperactive brain cells.

Parkinson’s disease
Patients with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease showed improvement after they smoked cannabis. The research concluded that there were improved motor skills and good quality sleep among the patients.

It is advised that marijuana must be taken under the prescription of a doctor. Minimal use is recommended as addiction can lead to withdrawal symptoms in few people.

Facts To Consider While Hiring A Personal Trainer


Selecting the right fitness trainer can be a daunting task as there are many trainers available.  One can use the Internet to identify a good Gilbert personal trainer. For more information about a personal trainer, one can always browse the internet and look the website www.healthfitnessrevolution.com. Our body is God’s gift to us. It is the responsibility of every individual on this planet earth to maintain the body in a correct fitness to keep away from many of the controllable diseases.  Being a gift from God one should not ignore the health, and hence it can be even considered as a sin. This article is mainly aimed to enlighten the health-conscious readers about the importance of the fitness trainers. However one needs to check the reputation and experience of these trainers before finalizing the selection process.

Testimonials given in the websites can be verified by calling the clients who have already undergone the training. This will help to have a positive or negative clue about the quality of the trainers. Most of the personal trainers in reputed gyms are known to be good in terms of delivering the right training and exercises.  Testimonials can be easily verified from their websites.

Keeping the health fit is an important aspect of our life. Many of us tend to ignore this aspect due to various reasons which are surely inexcusable considering the point of good health. One should remember the adage that says “When wealth is lost nothing is lost; When health is lost everything is lost”. This article is aimed to enlighten the readers about the unique qualities of the personal trainer who transform people to keep a good health consistently. Read on to know more about these personal trainers.

Before knowing about the qualities of these trainers one should understand the relevance of these fitness trainers when it comes to the fitness of our health. Interestingly these trainers are needed in order to guide the health conscious people in a right manner. A personal trainer is considered to be a master in customizing training project as per the needs of every individual student who comes to them.

One can pick up the trainer as per the personal choice as these professional trainers can design an exercise regimen that fits the objectives of the individual. These trainers initially examine the present condition of the students and accordingly create the training projects. This is known to be the customized training imparted to the needy students who come to the fitness centers.

In general, a personal trainer is an individual who helps the aspiring students with their proper and professional training programs. These professional training programs include exercises and the related techniques to improve the overall health and weight loss or gain programs, general health endurance and so on.

These professional trainers teach a range of physical exercises and other health fitness programs in order to get success. Fitness is the main motto of every program conducted by these trainers. With a blend of proper dieting and exercises, these trainers can help the students who enrol in these fitness training centers.

The Working Of A Breathalyzer And Its Components


Drink and drive is an offence which is severely monitored and punished around the world. It is sometimes difficult to identify a drunkard person or to prove if he is intoxicated or not. Breathalyzer is an excellent device which helps to analyze your breath and calculate the alcohol content in it. Thus there is a recent surge in the purchase of this device. Click here on the link below to know about the various types and models of breathalyzer available.www.duicentral.com talks about the salient features of a breathalyzer.
The article throws light on the various components included in a breathalyzer. It also discusses the working of the device.

The Working
The alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the stomach. The blood with the alcohol enters the lungs, and some evaporate and show up when you exhale. The sensor inside the breathalyzer is responsible for interpreting the alcohol level of the breath. If the alcohol limit indicates .08 BAC or above, then the person is legally intoxicated.

Types Of Sensors Used
Breathalyzer comes with two types of sensors namely fuel cell sensors and semiconductor sensors. You can make a choice of the sensor type based on the need. Fuel cell sensors are used to interpret higher alcohol levels in the blood. Fuel cell breathalyzer is costly ranging from $250 to $1500 dollars. Expensive models of breathalyzers are owned by police at the station.
A semiconductor sensor is economical and costs between the ranges $55 to $250. The cost of the breathalyzer helps to determine the quality of the device.

Mouthpiece Vs Blow Over
A breathalyzer requires a breath sample for testing the alcohol level. There are two types of components used to collect the breath sample. They are mouthpiece and blow over. A mouth piece is an accurate component. It ensures that the breath sample is not contaminated with air, smoke etc. some of the brands which offer a breathalyzer with a mouth piece are AlcoMate AccuCell, AlcoMate Premium, Alcomate Prestige, and Omega Point Breathkey. The testing done through a mouthpiece is also called as active testing.
The blow-over or passive testing is done by placing the mouth of the subject about half inch from the breath intake receiver. This can interpret less accurate results as the sample air gets mixed up with the surrounding environment. This type of breathalyzer is used by parents who wish to check if their teens have been drinking or not. It is also useful to use a breathalyzer for social gatherings and parties when group of people are tested.

The price of the breathalyzer directly depends on the quality of the device. Do no purchase cheap device as it may not offer you accurate results. The device can cost between $55 and $300. Costly breathalyzers are better products in terms of accuracy and features.

The device should be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department Of transportation, National Highway Traffic safety Administrations and US coast Guard.

The above are the various features and components of a breathalyzer. The article helps you to buy a suitable breathalyzer based on your need.

Why To Use A Wrist Wrap?

wrist wrap for lifting

Almost all people who try to train and work hard in order to become strong make use of a high quality wrist wrap when they work out in the gym. The reason behind this is that a wrist wrap makes it easy for a person to lift heavy weights. A lot of people also make use of a wrist wrap in case they want to lift light weights. If you do not know about all the uses of a wrist wrap, then you may click to see and find out about them at everydayhealth.com. A wrist wrap will allow you to work out for a very long time and you may be surprised.

The other thing that you will need to keep in mind in this regard is that a high quality wrist wrap will also allow you to lift weights which are heavier than the weight you used to lift. So, this can be a great way to enhance your strength at a very quick pace. In the long run you will be able to become a lot stronger than before. The fact is that a wrist wrap is a hack that can be very useful if you are smart and wise in making use of it. But it can’t be the sole reason for better strength. It is more about the effort that you put in so as to improve.

The truth is that this enhanced ability to lift heavy weights will make the overall scheme of things a lot easier for you. The strain on your muscles will be reduced which will allow you to work out for a longer period of time. When you have made continued use of a wrist wrap for a substantial amount of time, then you will get to know a lot more about its benefits as well as the correct way to use it.

HIV- Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

aging (1)HIV is one of the most dangerous and fatal STD which has no cure as such till date. HIV and AIDS have a slight difference. HIV is a virus that infects the body and imbalances and effects out immune system. If the HIV is untreated, it attacks the cells of our immune system which stops our body fighting from illness, leading to death. A person detected with HIV in the early stages can keep the virus under check by lifelong treatment and stop spreading it to others. Get yourself tested for HIV at an STD clinic Pittsburgh, to rule out the virus or get immediate treatment if diagnosed. For health related information, check out the site prevention.com.

The primary reason for contracting HIV can be sex with an infected person. But other reasons like a blood transfusion or drug intake using the same syringe of an infected person comes into play. In some rare cases, tattoo piercing can also prove dangerous if the materials are not sterilized properly. If the mother carries the virus, it can be transmitted to the child through pregnancy or breastfeeding. Workers working in HIV healthcare centers can also be infected if proper care is not taken.

The symptoms of HIV can be segregated into three stages. In the first stage, people suffer mild symptoms like flu, which can be mistaken as the normal flu. In the next stage, there would not be any symptoms for ten years. The third stage the body’s immune system is totally affected. It stops fighting against infection and diseases.


The best way to prevent infection is protecting yourself by using condoms during sex. If the mother is a carrier of the HIV, take proper treatment during pregnancy and breast feeding, to prevent passing the virus to your child. Blood transfusion of any kind should be tested before proceeding. Using syringe through any medium, for drug intake, dentist or a tattoo, make sure you use a new syringe or a sterile one.

Earlier diagnosis of HIV is very important, to maintain long term health and spreading the virus to others.

What Are Mayana Plants And Its Benefits?

Are you new to gardening? There are many plants grown by many homeowners in their homes. A lot of relevant information regarding the growth of Kratom, a plant native to South East Asian countries like Thailand, can be found in sites like https://www.sacredKratom.com/green-malaysian. Do you need to learn the basics of gardening? Then the recent articles posted in planetnatural.com helps you learn about gardening.

Still, many people don’t know the benefits of Mayana plant to health. Because of the antioxidants and essential oils, this plant offers various health benefits. The color of this plant stimulates everyone to use as a decorative flower. It is also treated as important medicinal herbs that can reduce different kinds of problems like ulcers and severe other problems like hemorrhoids and diabetes.

The habitat of this plant is mostly on the riverbank or in the rice fields. Scutellarioides or Coleus atropurpureus is the scientific name of this plant, and it belongs to Labiatae family. It usually grows well on the plateaus around 1500 meters over the sea level. It has beautiful heart shaped leaves with lovely curves at the borders.

The leaves of this plant are dazzling colors and have different colors based on their variety. The stalk of Mayana flower extends beyond from the tip of the trunk. The stems of the plants are easily broken, and the slobber can reach up to 30-150 cm. The creeping stems of the plant contain a square-shaped container.

It is also packed with essential nutrients. The chemical contents of the plant are pectic, tannin, calcium oxalate and phytosterols. It is also loaded with essential oils like eugenol which has anti-pain elements, karvakral which is an anti-biotic and ethyl salicylate which has an anti-irritant. It also includes mucus and fat.

It is rich in nutrients and offers different health benefits. It supports to decrease fever heat and helps to heal, alleviate the symptoms of cough and provides several advantages.

Highlights Of Taking CoolSculpting Treatment In Aventura


Without surgery, it is possible now to remove extra fats from unwanted parts of your body using the advanced technology options. You have the options of efficient and safe fat cell removal method in an easier way than you assume. The CoolSculpting treatment method focuses only FDA approved fat cells and applying managed cooling. Do you want to remove fat cells in your body using CoolSculpting in Aventura?

There are plenty of treatment choices available at CoolSculpting Aventura FL. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical method, and the fat cells destroy on contact and pushes it out naturally from your body within three to six months after the treatment. Some types of fats will not respond to whatever diet or workout you follow, and in such cases, CoolSculpting is the perfect treatment choice to consider. The recent articles in betterhealththrunutrition.com explain the before and after results of CoolSculpting treatment.

The innovative technology followed in this treatment focuses and kills fat cells and thus changing the nearby tissues safe and healthy. You can observe the result even after your first treatment and each treatment session last for an hour. From this article, you can understand the main highlights of CoolSculpting treatment.

It is a non-invasive treatment and can be performed at any time of the day, even during your lunch break. You can do any activities like listening to your favorite song, reading a book or even a small nap during the treatment. It doesn’t need any recovery time, and you can continue your normal activities after the treatment.

It is an effective and safe treatment, and it uses FDA-approved fat freezing technology. It doesn’t require any artificial elements or surgery, and it targets only the unwanted fat cells in your body which are then removed from your body through its natural process. Your safety and comfort are the first priorities of this treatment.

It is a fat-reduction treatment method rather than a treatment that replaces your diet and workout schedule. The outcome of this treatment is natural looking and gradual, and each session of the treatment assures 20% of unwanted fat removal in your body. Now, most people prefer healthier lifestyle to get in shape in a short time. No one will eat a bowl of ice cream after a heavy workout at a gym.

The CoolSculpting treatment gives the person a better feel. Imagine, you can try old outfits that were very tight earlier! The better outer appearance will increase your self-confidence, and you will feel happier than before, and it changes the way you carry yourself. You will show a positive attitude at work, and the way you see your personal life will also change in the meantime.

This treatment option offers long-lasting results and eliminates the fat cells permanently from the body. The exercise and diet decrease the size of fat cells, but stay in your body and looking for come back when you skipped your diet or exercise. If you add weight to CoolSculpting treatment, you will notice an equal distribution of weight on your whole body instead of adding fat only the problem areas.

Getting Set To Quit Weed


Do you feel that weed is assaulting your valuable life? Get set to quit weed right away. You will realize your life is getting better by quitting smoking. So, just don’t drag, learn the benefits of quitting weed and stop smoking in due course. Are you interested in getting information on drug abuse? You get to know detailed information about effects of drugs, treatment and recovery, prevention of drug use, drugs which are abused by people by NIH in easyread.drugabuse.gov.

Before getting set to quit weed, you need to comprehend on how life is affected by smoking weed, make a strong determination to quit and learn about the detoxification and you get the tools here.

If you are prepared to stop, then you can make it happen. You just have to go through some vital changes. You should have a strong determination, and only with strong willpower, you will be able to achieve your goals.

Many are scared of the detoxification process marijuana withdrawal, but it is not that bad as you imagine. Just turn towards the wonderful life ahead and get ready to alter certain things.

Make changes in your daily routine to get rid of the thought to smoke. You can change your breakfast timing, change the time you go to the office, take a new route to the office, adhere to a new hobby and throw away anything that reminds you of smoking. By doing this, you can get rid of the thought to smoke.

You can go for marijuana rehabilitation in case you have failed while attempting to quit smoking. The concepts, methods or rules to follow to stop weed are not too easy but simple to grasp. The only hard thing about it is to get rid of your habit and the real determination to change your life.

Don’t wait anymore, get set to quit weed with the above tips and stop smoking ultimately to enjoy your life with all the happiness you deserve henceforth.

Role Of Minoxidil In Women’s Hair Care


Hair loss is a nightmare for women in all age groups. As per medical surveys, women lose a minimum of 150 hairs per day. Since hair loss is a scary thing for women, they try to search for other ways to get the hair loss treated such as changing their hair oil or even having medical supplements which can stop or at least minimize the hair loss.

Minoxidil or otherwise called as Rogaine helps in re-growing of the hair on one’s scalp. Rogaine for women reviews is helping a lot of people to trust the product as the reviews are added by the people who have already used it and experienced the change. As per Webmd.com, if you want to have healthy hair then you need to have food that is full of nutrients which are required by the hair.

Medical Federation has approved Minoxidil as the treatment for female baldness. However, those who are planning to take the treatment should know about the side effects of this drug as well. Unfortunately, a lot of time is needed for hair to re-grow. That is why most people go to hair treatments unaware of the drawbacks the medicines and treatments have.

Dermatologists say that Minoxidil can only work on that scalp where the hair loss had happened because of female baldness. Any other condition other than female baldness will not get recovered if you use Minoxidil. The normal time taken by a hair to grow fully is at least six years. After that, the hair falls out and then gets replaced by new hairs. Before going for any hair loss treatment, you will have to find the reason for your hair fall. Sometimes the reason could be aging or a change in the hormone level, etc.

Minoxidil encourages new hair growth, and dermatologist suggests starting the use of Minoxidil once you start noticing hair fall. There are a few drawbacks in taking Minoxidil for hair treatment. The main drawback is Minoxidil is an expensive medicine, and because of that, most people cannot afford the price.

You might have to use Minoxidil at least two times in a day for a better result. Another major drawback of Minoxidil is that it causes unwanted hair growth. This one could be a dangerous drawback as well. So before you take Minoxidil as a hair loss treatment, you will have to confirm with your dermatologist about the dosage you need to take for the hair fall treatment.

When you start using Minoxidil, you will see an increase in the hair fall for the first few days. This is because old hairs are getting removed by new ones. Of course, one cannot expect an entire change overnight. You might take a couple of months to see the result of using Minoxidil. Too much usage of Minoxidil can cause irritations and redness too. However, if you take the right amount of Minoxidil and use it according to the instructions given by the dermatologist, Minoxidil can prove to be a safe way of hair treatment.